Maran mantra

Maran MantraMaran Mantra

Maran mantra is actually a dead shot on a targeted person to end his life. Though, according to the rules of tantra, it is used for self defense only, when there is no other option with you. So, it is an ultimate weapon in Shat Karma. This is also known as Muthkarni.

How to use a maran mantra

A maran mantra must be used in the guidance of a Noble Guru. Remember, if it bounces, it may simultaneously, harm you too. This is used in a specific positions of Cosmos bodies. So, timely equations means a lot while using it. Further, the maran mantra should never be used at home because it attracts many unseen negative energies around you and that may harm you as well as other member of your family. So, these uses are done at quite lonely places.

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