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Q 1. Does vashikaran really work?
Ans: Obviously, YES. Actually there are many factors which work for sure shot success in Vashikaran spells.

Q 2. Pandit Ji, I have tried many astrologers first but could not get success. Why shall I believe you?
Ans: You are right on your own but everybody is not same. You can come and meet us personally after taking an appointment. We have more than 90% success rate in different kinds of spell casting. Your intentions always matters. If it is for goodness, the deity accepts it. If it has any malefic intentions, it works only by evil or black magic spells. For more details, you can talk to Pandit Ji.

Q 3. Pandit Ji, I have tried many mantras which I got by different astrologers online. But sorry to say that none of those worked. I am still empty handed. Does a vashikaran mantra really works or it is just a myth?
Ans: My dear, you should first know that a mantra works only in case when it is duly energised by a noble person or guru. If you get a mantra from other than these, it will not work as you want because it is locked and not energised. It must be powered first. It is not a myth but truth. I hope you got your answer.


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